Bannerlord How To Have Kids?


From leading armies into battles to making alliances with lords, there are many paths to achieve greatness in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord. But one overlooked aspect is the importance of having children to continue your legacy.

The game offers various ways to start a family, such as getting married, having children with your spouse, or adopting. As a ruler, planning and strategizing your family’s growth is essential, ensuring that your heirs are strong and capable enough to succeed you. In this guide, we’ll explore the different ways to start a family in Bannerlord and how to ensure that your bloodline lives on for generations to come.

So, if you’re ready to dive into the world of Bannerlord and read how to have kids, let’s get started!

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord How To Have A Child Guide

Step 1: Finding a Spouse

In the world of Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, pursuing a fitting spouse is not merely a romantic endeavor but a strategic one; it can be pivotal in constructing a thriving kingdom. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Charm – the art of persuasion: To maximize your matrimonial prospects, you must hone your charm skill, bolstering your chances of success in courting potential spouses.
  2. The search – scanning the noble landscape: Keep your eyes peeled for unmarried nobles – women or men – whose age renders them suitable for wedlock.
  3. Building bridges – forging bonds with potential spouses: Venture to the hometowns or castles of the nobles you have earmarked as potential spouses. Engage them in conversation, offer your services, and complete quests on their behalf to strengthen the ties that bind you.
  4. The courtship – the dance of love: Having cultivated a robust rapport with your chosen spouse-to-be, you may then take the plunge and pop the question.

Should they accept your heartfelt proposal, a festive wedding ceremony shall ensue, and henceforth, your spouse shall stand by your side as you govern your burgeoning kingdom.

Remember, a sensible choice of spouse can mean the difference between a flourishing realm and a faltering one.

Step 2: Growing Your Family

Once you have found a suitable spouse and tied the knot, the next step in building your dynasty is to have children. While the exact mechanics of conception in Bannerlord are not explicitly detailed, players have found some helpful tips based on feedback and personal experiences.

Here are some guidelines to increase your chances of having children:

1. Spend Time with Your Spouse:

You must spend time with your spouse to ensure the best chances of conception. According to player feedback, you have a solid 24% chance of having pregnancy occur if you’re resting with your spouse in the town near the 6 a.m. mark. Make sure to allocate time for your family life amid your adventures and responsibilities.

2. Choose the “Virile” Perk:

You can choose the “Virile” perk at the first level of Charm. This perk’s effects increase your chances of having children by 30%, increasing the base chance to 31%. If you and your spouse have the “Virile” perk, these bonuses will stack, making pregnancies even more likely.

Remember this when selecting your character’s perks and those of your spouse.

3. Improve Relations with Your Spouse:

While not definitively proven, raising your relations with your spouse is believed to increase the chances of conception. You can barter with your spouse and give them your assets for nothing. Your relations score will get a 2-5 point increase whenever you do this while the items remain in your inventory.

Remember that this is a bypass, and you may choose to maintain your relationship score at the level it was on your wedding day if you prefer a more authentic experience.

4. Boost Your Charm Score:

Another tip from players suggests that raising your Charm score may help boost the chance of pregnancy, considering it’s pretty logical. However, seeing that Charm is a stat intended to be helpful only when getting a spouse, the exact interaction has been left in the dark.

Although this hasn’t been verified with percentages, it is worth considering as you develop your character’s skills.

5. Waiting for the Big News:

Once you have taken the above steps to maximize your chances of conception, all that remains is to wait for the pregnancy notification to appear. Be patient, as different characters may have varying temperaments that affect their likelihood of conceiving.

Remember that there is a higher chance of miscarriage if you choose a more elevated life-or-death setting in the game, although this is rare.

Having a Child in Bannerlord: Tips to Remember

While having children in Bannerlord is luck-based mainly, you still need to keep some points in mind.

Let’s go through them one by one below:

1. There’s an Age Limit on Pregnancy

Women above 40 won’t get pregnant, no matter how hard you try. Therefore, looking at the stats before deciding your ideal spouse candidate is best. Naturally, you don’t need to worry much if your primary goal isn’t to have kids. Aside from this, your ideal woman should be above 20 since the game won’t recognize it otherwise.

2. Be Aware of the In-Game Time

Bannerlord does not work on the same time clock as the real world. Every week in the real world equals a whole month in Bannerlord. This means you don’t need to slow down your relationship progress to match realistic levels.

However, at the same time, if you do manage to get your spouse pregnant, it’ll still take around 63-ingame days.

3. The Starting Place is the Way To Go

In Bannerlord, you can assign your spouses to house a castle or settlement. It would help if you stayed with them for a few days until the pregnancy notification pops up. This is currently the most surefire way of having children in Bannerlord; the other methods offer high-risk, high reward!


In conclusion, starting a family and building a dynasty is vital to achieving greatness in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. By carefully selecting a spouse, honing your Charm skill, and ensuring you and your spouse spend time together, you can strategically grow your family and strengthen your kingdom.

Remember the tips and guidelines the player community shares to maximize your chances of having children and carrying on your legacy for generations. As you continue to conquer lands, forge alliances, and expand your empire, always remember that your family’s growth is the cornerstone of your success and the continuation of your bloodline.

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