Amazon Business Extra Savings Quiz


To win this competition, download and log in/create an Amazon app account; search Funzone before scrolling down until finding the Amazon Business Extra Savings Quiz banner.

Answer all questions correctly to increase your chance of winning the lucky draw.

How to play

If you are an Amazon business customer with an active account and would like to take part in the extra savings quiz for rewards, this quiz consists of five questions that need to be answered correctly in order to gain entry. Each correct response gives one spin of the wheel with prizes ranging from free products to Amazon pay balance rewards!

To play the quiz, download and sign in with either an existing Amazon business account or create a new one. When signed in, open up the Funzone banner and scroll down until you find the Amazon Business Extra Savings Spin and Win Quiz banner – click it to begin answering qualifying questions!

Once you complete all the questions, your responses will be placed into a pool for a lucky draw, and winners will be notified via email or SMS. If selected as one of the winners, claiming their prize requires providing name, address, and government ID details to Amazon along with mobile phone verification of mobile number and address verification of address verification of Amazon. Please be aware that entering a lucky draw doesn’t guarantee success, as Amazon India reserves the right to modify or cancel this contest at any time.


Amazon Business Extra Savings Quiz gives users a chance to win many prizes, such as free products and Amazon Pay balance. Prize winners are determined through random selection without human intervention, and SMS or email notifications will notify them about how to claim their prize within specific periods.

Amazon India hosts a daily quiz called Amazon Business Extra Savings Quiz that features five questions related to company products and offers cash prizes or free merchandise as prizes.

For users to enjoy the Amazon Business Extra Savings Quiz, they must download and log in to the Amazon app on a mobile device with either their existing account or a new one. Once signed in, users should search Funzone in search engines until they find Funzone as the first result and scroll down until they reach the Amazon Business Extra Savings Spin and Win Quiz banner.

Once participants have answered all the questions correctly, they will automatically be entered into a lucky draw pool. Each day, Amazon randomly selects one customer from this pool as a winner to be awarded either an Amazon pay balance or gift cards as a reward. These winners will be contacted via e-mail or SMS by Amazon in order to claim their prize within seven days; otherwise, it will be forfeited; additionally, Amazon requires winners to acknowledge that their name, image, or appearance may be used in future promotional efforts by the company.

Time limit

Amazon Business Extra Savings Quiz can help you win lucrative cash prizes and rewards. Each day, this quiz provides participants with an opportunity to demonstrate their business acumen by answering five simple questions correctly in a contest-style quiz format. A random draw among all eligible participants will select one winner as their grand prize winner.

This contest is exclusively available to Indian residents aged 18 or over. To enter, download and set up the Amazon app before signing into either your existing or a newly created Amazon account – then head to Funzone on the Amazon App to take part in the Funzone Quiz, answering a preliminary question prior to spinning the wheel once daily; failure to do so means not winning prize(s).

The Amazon Business Extra Savings Quiz Spin and Win is the second quiz connected with the Amazon Business Platform and is easy to navigate. Located within the Funzone section, search Funzone until you see the banner of the quiz contest; when found, simply pat it to begin the contest and rotate the pointer to answer the question where the pointer stops; the final screen will verify your entry to the lucky draw and display the register button for entry into lucky draw contest.

Winners will be notified via email or SMS and must have their mobile numbers verified with Amazon in order to claim their prizes. Winners also need to agree to be added to Amazon’s mailing list for promotions and redeem their prizes within seven days. Amazon reserves the right to make final decisions in case of disputes between participants.


Amazon Business Extra Savings Spin and Win quiz is a quick, fun game designed to let players compete for rewards without time restrictions or restrictions. Available across desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones with its simple user interface that enables you to select your reward from multiple options listed, once chosen, you can start playing!

To get started in this game, first download and install the Amazon Mobile App onto your smartphone. Log into your Amazon account or create one if necessary; search Funzone; scroll downward until you find the Amazon Business Extra Savings Spin and Win banner; pat it to start the quiz; rotate the wheel until the pointer stops; once all questions have been correctly answered, enter the pool of lucky draw to determine the winner.

Amazon Business Extra Savings Spin and Win Quiz is a quick and fun quiz designed to highlight the advantages of an Amazon business account. While Amazon has expanded its Funzone segment with additional games, this remains popular among Amazon users. All winners will be notified either via email or SMS and must verify their mobile phone number to claim their prize; additionally, entering content constitutes consent to being added to Amazon mailing lists for promotions.